Some reviews and feedback from the press and blogosphere...

"The harmony and attack of the opening track remind of Chick Corea, but Edinburgh-based Jamie Smith ranges through various styles in these four solo piano improvisations, including a plain ol' blues. He never fails to play with a compelling logic and sense of development and the improviser's trap of aimlessness is avoided, the most so coherent it's almost as if the pieces were prepared. It's a set one could happily return to any time without fear of irritation or disappointment. Recommended, and quickly avaiable online. "

– Jazz Journal

"Modern, contemporary … a very listenable solo jazz piano EP."

– Bebop Spoken Here [full review]

"He has chops and there are plenty of ambitious runs in here, but the most impressive part of this album is how consistently musical, and musically interesting, the whole thing is."

– Nextbop [full review]

"[Jamie has] got a nice sense of structure … each piece is tight and the EP never lacks momentum."

– Improvised [full review]

"Accomplished playing ..."

– Stephen Duffy, BBC Jazz House

"If an octopus had access to a real book, a random page number generator and an 8 bars backwards play rule, that would be some feat, as is this."

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