Jamie started playing classical piano at age 6. Such a rigid musical environment quickly frustrated him, and he started experimenting with improvising and composing his own music, eventually discovering jazz and getting into the world of electronic music.

Jamie playing with Clusterphonic trio

Improvising is a key element of Jamie's 'musical conception'. Knowing exactly what you’re going to play when you go on stage or hit the recording studio is, for him, uninticing. Nothing can compare with the exhilaration of making music up on the spot.

Over the years Jamie has played in a variety of ensembles, from rock bands and jazz and funk ensembles to brass bands and an orchestra or two. He also taught himself how to produce music on a computer, and explored the world of virtual synths.

Jamie's previous EP, Attic (2012), released under the name Outerattik, gained favourable reviews across the blogosphere. Rootdown FM called Jamie "a composer, arranger and Hammondista with a very big future if [Attic] is anything to go by." JazzWrap called the recording "a well focused EP... a downtempo groove that you’ll want to keep coming back to."

His new recording, Kinesis EP, features four free improvisations blending the straight-ahead and the contemporary. It represents Jamie’s truest musical statement thus far, eschewing any formal composition and relying on documenting wherever his spirit takes him at each moment.

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